Luther’s academic program stresses education beyond the classroom walls. We encourage students to engage in real-world learning in order to test their career goals and gain valuable professional experience.

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Khwanhatai (Ploy) Kongkapetch

Internship Story-Khwanhatai (Ploy) KongkapetchWhen: January 2018
Where: Monterey Country Office of Education & Rancho Cielo Youth Campus, Salinas, CA
Major: Social Work

Ploy went to Salinas, California to intern with the Monterey County Office of Education and Rancho Cielo Youth Campus. Ploy worked with many young people who were on probation and expelled from the school system. She monitored each student’s progress on an expulsion plan, and worked on a transition plan for seniors. While in Rancho Cielo, she also lived in a Transitional Housing Program. Here, she worked with residents transitioning into independent living. The experience furthered Ploy's confidence and passion for working with at-risk youth. She also gained invaluable knowledge about the challenges social workers face. She looks forward to more professional experience with this population.

Madeleine Ross

Madeleine Ross in Naivasha, Kenya, working at the Light of Hope School and Home for Girls.When: January 2018
Where: Light of Hope School and Home for Girls, Naivasha, Kenya
Major: Social Work

Madeleine interned at a Children's Charitable Insitution in Naivasha, Kenya. She assisted with child intake at the Light of Hope School and Home for Girls (LOH). During January, she went into the community to assess homes with girls in need of schooling or a safe place to stay. The government, as well as individuals seeking help, referred these cases to LOH. Many of these girls had backgrounds of poverty, abuse, neglect, abandonment, hunger, or sexual assault. Madeleine collaborated with the social work staff at LOH to bring in three new girls. Her duties also included taking care of the girls while in the LOH dorms. She also created the first home assessment form for their social workers to use. Luther's education helped provide her with the wide range of tools she needed to complete these tasks. Madeleine felt fortunate to have had this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Daniel Dejapin

Daniel Dejapin Internship


When: January 2018
Where: Helping Services for Youth and Families
Social Work and Psychology

Daniel is a sophomore majoring in Social Work and Psychology. During January, Daniel interned with Helping Services for Youth and Families. The experience was rewarding and helped him to personally grow while in the field. Working with professionals made him realize how important social workers are in our community and in our society. All the staff encouraged him, but at the same time challenged him to push himself to the limits. This experience enlightened him about how our society challenges people that are struggling within their own environment.

Ashley Veeser

Ashley VeeserWhen: January 2016
Where: B.A.B.E.S. Inc, Appleton, WI
Major: Social Work

Ashley was a Parent Coordinator for B.A.B.E.S. Inc., a child abuse prevention program. She managed family caseloads, conducted new parent orientation meetings, and informed parents about what was going on at B.A.B.E.S. She also performed intake and discharge for respite care participants, held meetings with parents to enroll them in different programs that the organization offers, and much more. The internship reinforced skills she has learned in the classroom and gave her the chance to apply those skills to a real life scenario. The most rewarding part was interacting with families who were truly in need of assistance. Ashley has gained a lot more confidence when working professionally with others and is excited about her future in social work.

Sthela Gun Holly Hanitrinirina

Internship Story- Sthela Gun Holly HanitrinirinaWhen: Summer 2016
Where: Lutheran Senior Life in Zelianople, PA
Major: Social Work

Sthela shadowed three social workers at Lutheran Senior Life in Zelianople, PA where she was taught how to conduct interviews and interact with residents. She also gave a presentation on Madagascar, her home country, and how to build relationships with her residents. Sthela has gained skills in verbal communication. Her passion for social working has only increased, and her understanding of the importance of human relationships has grown.