Luther Trio Presents at Lutheran Youth Leaders Gathering

College Ministries representatives Aaidha Majdhy ’11, Former Campus Pastor Amy Zalk Larson ’96, and Alma Gast ’10 presented on interfaith engagement at the 2010 annual gathering of the Council of Synod Lutheran Youth Organization Presidents (CSLYOPs), held at Camp Carol Joy Holling in Ashland, Neb., Oct. 28–31.

Gast, a social work grad, lives in Jersey City, N.J., and volunteers at an after-school/safe-haven program for youth living in public housing.

Their presentation addressed the need for more respectful appreciation of—and bridge building with—persons of diverse religious commitments in a pluralistic world.

L to R: Aaidha Majdhy ’11, Amy Zalk Larson ’96 (campus pastor), and Alma Gast ’10