Adam Morgan '17

Adam Morgan '17

Major: Social Work

Why did you choose a liberal arts education?

I chose a liberal arts education because it would encourage me to expand my beliefs. Because of it, I've learned to explore different perspectives in a range of subjects. I also feel connected to many peers on campus because of the small class sizes and the engaged community. Transferring from a community college, I was nervous coming to Luther. The experiences I've had here make me certain that my decision to transfer was the right one.

How do you feel Luther's social work major stands out?

I wanted to major in social work because I love to help people. Luther's program stands out because of its commitment to its students. Decorah offers unique opportunities to get engaged in the community, too. I have learned different perspectives about race and religion from my courses and experiences.

The social work faculty are always honest and genuine when I talk with them; I've never met a more caring group of people. They've encouraged me to challenge myself and inspired me to pursue opportunities I would have never explored. One example of this was discovering ways to offer help to the community of Decorah. Because of the faculty's constant support, I know I will always have people fighting for me and my best interests.

How do you get involved on campus and in Decorah?

No matter the day of the week, there's always something happening on campus and in the community. Luther provides constant opportunities to take part in and attend events. The campus is also close to downtown Decorah so it's easy to hang out there with friends or go to the theater to see a movie. I get involved with the Decorah community by attending mass at the local Catholic church. I have also participated in Luther Serves, a volunteer event that gives back to the community.

What leadership roles have you held?

I accepted a position on the Statewide Independent Living Council of Iowa, appointed by the governor. This spot on the council gave me the opportunity to assist in the advancement of independence for people with disabilities. I also helped form a student division for the National Federation of the Blind of Iowa. I was able to serve the disabled community of Iowa, which was an incredible experience.

What is one class you would recommend all students take?

I would recommend taking Mental Health First Aid, a course in the social work department. The course addresses several prevalent mental health issues. By the end, I was able to become Mental Health First Aid certified. This course applies to any profession and you won't regret taking it!

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