President: Nora Felt  ([email protected]

  • Leads and plans meetings
  • Encourages participation and input from all members
  • Helps connects all facets of the group 

Vice President: Jenna Dengler  ([email protected])

  • Organizes and schedules service opportunities
  • Assumes role of project leader in his/her absence 

Secretary: Rachel Wiebke  ([email protected])

  • Records the minutes at each meeting
  • Keeps track of attendance, completed hours, and membership status 

Treasurer: Liz Hovden ([email protected])

  • Keeps track of SHOC's funds 

Website Manager: Sarah Ea  ([email protected])

  • Updates SHOC's website
  • Manages SHOC's facebook page
  • Manages the gmail account

Advisor: Dr. Jodi Enos-Berlage  ([email protected])

  • Serves as a resource, provides advice to the group
  • Provides feedback and guidance about group organization and activities