Course Topics

MUS 360: Vocal Coaching & Collaborative Piano

For performance-track vocalists and pianists with an interest in accompanying.  MUS 360 is a supplement to a vocalist's voice lessons or a pianist's solo piano lessons.  For vocalists, coaching is an opportunity to refine diction, musicality, context and character in a setting free of vocal technique.  For pianists, lessons focus on collaborative repertoire (including art song, opera arias, instrumental sonatas and concertos) and issues that arise in achieving perfect ensemble with a musical partner.

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MUS 376: Vocal and Instrumental Accompanying

A performance seminar for pianists. Students learn the rudiments of collaboration in an interactive lecture setting, and are coached in the collaborative repertoire, with frequent guest collaborators. The goal is for pianists to develop and refine skills unique to the art of accompanying while becoming familiar with a wide variety of musical styles. Emphasis on vocal accompanying with additional consideration of instrumental repertoire, opera, orchestral, choral and musical theatre styles.

MUS 362: Opera Workshop

The study, rehearsal and staging of operatic repertoire (such as arias, scenes or one-act operas) through public performance and/or in-class assignments.