The program begins mid July (July 12th) in Chicago. The visit to this large, diverse city provides a valuable introduction to some of the themes covered in later lectures. The group stays together in a pleasant downtown hotel and takes a half day tour of several Chicago neighborhood and cultural sites. The Chicago visit also provides a chance to recover from jet lag, to meet other members of the group, and to do independent sightseeing in this beautiful and exciting city. (Participants are encouraged to consider arriving a few days ahead of the scheduled meetings to afford more time in this world class city. See Links for more information on Chicago and other sites visited.)

After arrival at Luther College in Decorah, there are excursions to scenic and historic sites in the area. Included are such places as the Mississippi River and a native prairie. Additional opportunities include picnics, farm and museum visits, and community theater attendance. Most of these activities are included in the program fee.

Typical Field Trips

  • Chicago: An introduction to cultural facets and social perspectives
  • Decorah: Her roots and present realities
  • Farm Folks: The challenges and realities of living on the land
  • American Schools: From the big city to rural towns
  • Meskwaki Settlement: Native Americans living in Iowa
  • Hayden Prairie: Roots of the past
  • Effigy Mounds: The indigenous past of the Upper Midwest
  • Harmony, Minnesota: A glimpse of the Amish people
  • Winona, Minnesota: Professional theatre in small-town America
  • Madison: Politics and culture in a Midwestern state capital