Program Fees

The cost of the 2013 program is $2,995 (see "Stipends" paragraph below). This amount includes all lectures, program-related travel, a shared room (two persons to a room. Single rooms are available at a nominal extra charge) in a student residence hall with clean bed linen and towels provided weekly, three meals daily in the cafeteria, and use of all college facilities. Not covered are transport from Europe to Chicago, personal expenses, and expenses incurred in the Chicago and optional Madison segments of the program (e.g. hotel and food). Transportation from Chicago to Decorah, to sites in Iowa, and Madison, Wisconsin is included in the program fee. Return to Chicago from Madison via bus (approximately 30 US dollars) is not included. Accompanying family members or friends not participating in the lectures and formal program are charged $900 each (children 8-18 $500) to cover transportation from Chicago to Decorah and Madison, Wisconsin, and recreational activities, as well as room and board for the two weeks spent on campus in Decorah.

Additional costs (approximate):

Chicago (2-day stay)

  • Hotel ($85 per day based on double occupancy) $190
  • Food ($20-$30 per day estimated) $60

Madison (optional 2-day stay)

  • Hotel ($55 per day based on double occupancy) $110
  • Food ($20-$30 per day estimated) $60

Note: a 3-5 day tour of New York City can be added as an option (check with Institute directors.)


A portion of the Institute costs are typically covered by some stipends. These may be available from funding sources in each of the Nordic nations (See Nordic Contacts). Many organizations and individuals have annually contributed to the Scandinavian Institute Stipend Fund. A limited number of stipends may be provided through the Institute office at Luther College.

Applicants are urged to seek additional funding from sources in their own country as early as possible. Past participants have secured stipends from a variety of sources such as their governments' departments of education, local school systems, civic organizations, teacher unions, and others. Past program participants who were teachers of English in Finland have been eligible for grants from their government to attend the program. Norwegian teachers will be automatically considered for a travel grant when their application to the Institute is received in the offices of Norge-Amerika Foreningen.

For more information, contact the Scandinavian foundation office in your country. (See Nordic Contacts).