Apply to Become a SASC Tutor

Because our needs change frequently, SASC accepts applications on a continual basis. Please feel free to submit an application if you have an interest in being considered as a tutor in a future semester. Qualified applicants must:

  • Be current, work study eligible Luther students
  • Earn a B+ or better in the courses they wish to tutor
  • Provide a faculty reference for each subject you would like to tutor for
  • Be able to communicate effectively with other students
  • Demonstrate reliability and professionalism.

If you wish to tutor a language, you will need to have a faculty reference.  If a faculty reference is not available, you much fill out the Language Recommendation Form, available at the front desk in the SASC Office (108 Preus Library).

IMPORTANT: To be considered for a position, please complete the tutor application form below. In some cases, the system may time out if this form stays open for a long period of time. We recommend drafting your responses in a separate document and copying and pasting them into the form. Please send an email to Adam Lenehan, Coordinator of Tutor and Academic Services, to confirm that your application was received or if you have questions about the application process.

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