Departmental Tutoring

Departmental Tutoring Resources

Many departments on campus also provide drop-in tutoring as an added resource. Students may take advantage of both individual tutoring in SASC and drop-in tutoring if they wish.

Writing Center Tutors

One-on-one tutoring is available at the Writing Center (main floor of Preus Library near Help Desk).

Like the academic tutors, writing tutors are available throughout the year for tutoring in pre-writing, drafting, organization, revision, and the research process. The lab is open Sunday-Thursday, 3:00-10:00PM. Please go to the Norse Writing Lab link to make an appointment.

Weekly Department Drop-In Sessions

Math (152 and below)

  • Sunday-Thursday  7:00-9:00PM - Olin 108
  • Tuesday and Thursday 9:45-10:45AM - Olin 108

Accounting (110 and 150)

  • Monday-Thursday 7:00-10:00PM - Olin 207

Speech & Debate Center

  • Sunday-Thursday 5:00-10:00PM - Preus Library 120
  • Schedule an appointment through KATIE
  • Email the Speech & Debate Center

Physics (151 and 181)

  • Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday 7:00-9:00PM - Valders 278

Music Theory and Ear Training

  • Wednesday 9:00-9:45PM - Jensen 125
  • Sunday 9:00-9:45PM - Jensen 125

Writing Center

Modern Language Dept.

  • Drop in and schedule appointment
  • Located in Main 215

Biology (151)

  •  Tuesday 7:30-8:30PM - Valders 369