Academic Probation FAQ

What is “academic probation?”

Academic probation serves as an indicator that you are in academic jeopardy. A student must meet a minimum cumulative grade point average. The following table indicates the minimum GPA needed in order to avoid being placed on academic probation. Both hours and GPA are based on Luther work only.

Hours                            Minimum Cumulative GPA

0-26                              1.75

27-59                            1.90

60-93                            2.00

94-                                2.00

Students will also be placed on probation when their Luther cumulative GPA is at or above these minimum GPA guidelines and they obtain a semester GPA of less than 1.0. 

When am I notified of my academic probation status?

The Registrar's office will issue a written notice of academic probation to the student and academic advisor approximately two weeks after the end of the previous semester.

What happens if I am placed on academic probation?

Students who are placed on academic probation must meet with both their academic advisor and a SASC staff member to develop an academic recovery plan.

Am I still qualified to receive financial aid when I am on academic probation?

Yes, but you should always check with the Financial Aid Office at 563-387-1018 to determine your aid eligibility.

What can I do to help myself get off academic probation and achieve good academic standing?

Students on probation who improve their cumulative GPA to the minimum level or higher will be removed from academic probation. Students on probation must achieve a term average of at least a 2.0, or they are subject to dismissal.

Will I still be able to participate on my intercollegiate athletic team? 

No. In compliance with NCAA Division III rules, students on academic probation may not compete on any intercollegiate athletic team.