Utility Failure

Report utility failure to Facilities Services, ext. 1146. If it is after normal business hours, call Welcome center, ext. 2000, or Campus Safety and Security, ext. 2111.

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Phone number where you can be reached
  • Building name
  • Nature of the incident
  • Floor(s) or area affected
  • Room number

Electrical Failure

Facilities Services personnel will assess the situation and determine the appropriate course of action.

In the event of a significant power failure, the building's emergency generator will provide limited electricity for emergency lighting.

Elevators will not function in a power failure. Use the stairs if you evacuate the building. If you are trapped in an elevator, use the elevator's emergency phone to notify Campus Security, ext. 2111. If there is no emergency phone in the elevator, trigger the elevator's emergency alarm button.

If an emergency situation occurs that disrupts the information technology equipment, contact the Help Desk, ext. 1000.

Steam Leaks

If the steam leak is inside the building, evacuate the area and close the door behind you. Steam can cause severe burns, and displace oxygen, and moisture from steam may also conduct electricity.

A steam leak may cause the building's fire alarm to sound. Even if you have ascertained the problem is a steam leak, exit the building immediately.

Water Leaks/Flooding

In the event of water leaks, try to contain the leakage to minimize damage or safety hazards. If it is a significant water leak, avoid the areas where water has accumulated, and wait for help. Water makes an excellent conductor of electricity and therefore, electric shock is possible. Do not enter flooded rooms.

Immediately cease use of all electrical equipment.