Internship Stories

Sarah Hermeier

Sarah Hermeier in front of the mermaid statue in Copenhagen.When: January, 2015
Where: CataCap
Major: Russian Studies/Accounting

For the month of January, Sarah interned at a private equity firm in Copenhagen, Denmark called CataCap. This organization purchases small Danish companies with potential for growth, builds them up as much as possible, and resells their purchase after about five years. Sarah’s internship involved two main projects. The first project was an analysis of which companies might benefit from being purchased by a private equity firm. Although Sarah does not speak or read Danish, she was able to navigate the financial reports and included over one hundred companies in her analysis work. The second project required her to research licensing companies since CataCap was considering buying one. It was new, unknown territory and they were unaware of how difficult it might be to resell. After her month abroad, Sarah is comfortable in a small business setting and feels working internationally has removed the fear from living in an unfamiliar setting with a future job placement.