Lindsey Row-Heyveld

Lindsey Row-Heyveld is the newest addition to the Luther College English Department, joining the faculty as an Assistant Professor in 2013. 

In her teaching and in her research, Professor Row-Heyveld is passionate about finding new pathways into unfamiliar worlds, whether that be Shakespeare’s sprawling, squalid London or the tight confines of the mental ward in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. A specialist in early modern English drama and disability studies, she is particularly invested in bringing those two interests together, and her research explores the Renaissance roots of disability's cultural construction, examining representations of fraudulent disability on the stage. Her published work has discussed early modern disability in relationship to religion and literary genre, as well as the pedagogical value of disability studies. 

Professor Row-Heyveld is excited to get to introduce Luther students to medieval and early modern literature, especially Shakespeare. She is also excited to be back in Iowa, a state she learned to call home during her graduate studies. Lindsey's love of words extends even to their visual form, which she expresses through calligraphy. Look for new pieces in her office periodically.