Group Alumni

Name Time Period(s) Post-Luther Educational Activities Current Affiliation
Grace Gast Spring and Summer, 2013 N/A Luther College (14)
Alexandra Penning Spring and Summer, 2013 N/A Luther College (14)
Jena Huju Summer 2013 N/A Luther College (14)
Andrew Knight Summer 2011 Graduate School, Chemistry Ph.D., University of Iowa
Valarie Fyfe Summer 2011 Nursing School Year off working
Mary Crumley Summer 2010 Physical Therapy St. Ambrose University
Jacob Wessels Summer 2009 Medical School University of Minnesota
Kirstin Indrelie Summer 2009, 2010 Medical School University of Minnesota
Alison Douglas Summer 2007 Law School U of St. Thomas
Janet Brenton Summer 2007 Dental School N/A
Joan Widin Summer 2006 Analytical Chemistry University of Wisconsin, Madison
Michelle Henderson Summer 2006 Graduate School in Chemistry University of Minnesota
Amanda (Hannemann) Maxwell
Summer 2005 Graduate School in Chemistry, Degradable Bio Material University of Minnesota: Ph.D. Candidate
Jay Dicke Summer 2006 Physical Organic Chemistry Northwestern University
Jennifer Miller Meyer Summer 2005 Medical School M.D., University of Iowa
Alison (Rapacz) Knutson Summer 2005, 2006 Pharmacy School University of Minnesota
Nick Gibbons Summer 2005 N/A Mayo Research Assistant, Rochester Minnesota