Assistant Hall Director

The Assistant Hall Director is responsible for providing support to the professional staff in creating and maintaining a comprehensive community and student development program in the residence halls.

This may include providing leadership and on-going training for the Resident Assistants, advising hall council, mediating roommate conflicts, programming, managing housing operations, providing educational discipline, and other duties as assigned by the professional staff.

  • Assist in coordinating and managing hall opening and closing
  • Assist in the orientation and on-going training of Resident Assistants, which includes planning and facilitating weekly staff meetings, as well as additional training and staff development sessions
  • Provide feedback as needed to the professional staff, especially in areas of student conduct, roommate problems, and staff relations
  • Assist in the overall administration and management of the residence halls
  • Make daily contact with the professional staff and meet with them weekly
  • Serve as a liaison for the professional staff when appropriate
  • Maintain a high degree of visibility and frequent contact with student staff members within their halls
  • Return to campus before the Resident Assistants to prepare for fall training
  • Prepare monthly duty schedule