Student Staff

Residence halls, with their focus on community, provide an environment in which students can develop essential life skills such as good judgment, flexibility, tolerance, and the recognition of how one's own needs interact with and affect one's relationships with others.

Community living influences students in a number of important growth-producing ways. Specifically, community living fosters an environment characterized by extensive contact with different lifestyles, races, and cultures; the development of strong friendships; possibilities for learning to manage conflicts and differences; and experiences that force individuals to attempt to reconcile personal freedoms with community responsibilities.

The Residence Life Office provides a residence hall staff that is trained and excels in these areas as part of its mission to the college. Resident Assistants are an integral part of this mission. The student staff selection process typically begins in early February each year.

If you believe that you are capable of enhancing the residential experience for students, and find yourself in agreement with the philosophy, objectives, and values of residence hall living at Luther, then you are invited to submit your application for a Resident Assistant position.