Room Draw Dates

General Information
Please read the information on this page carefully to note application dates, deadlines, etc.; students are responsible for the information listed. Detailed descriptions of each housing option can be found in the Room Draw Book and on our Residence Life web page.

Phase One

Baker Village (eighteen townhouses)

February 3       Applications Available
February 22     Applications Due by Noon
February 23     Groups Posted in the Residence Life office
February 25     Townhouse/Room Selection

Prairie Houses (up to three houses)

February 3       Applications Available
March 1           Applications Due by Noon
March 2           Groups Posted in Residence Life Office
March 3           House/Room Selection

College Apartments with kitchens (six one bed-room apartments in Apartment 610)

 February 3     Applications Available
 March 8         Applications Due by Noon
 March 9        Groups Announced
 March 10       Apartment Selection            

Sustainability House (co-ed)

February 3     Applications Available
March 15         Applications Due by Noon
March 17         Applicants Posted       

Farwell Gender Inclusive Cluster

 February 3    Applications Available
 March 15      Applications Due by Noon
 March 16      Groups Posted
 March 17      Room Selection

Phase Two

 April 1        Room Draw Cards in Student SPO Boxes

 April 19      Cluster Apps Due By Noon

April  20      Suite Applications Due by Noon

April 25       Super Single/Triple Applications Due

May 1          Double Room Draw in Oneota Seating Area