Room Draw

Room draw is the process by which Luther College students who currently live on campus select campus housing for the upcoming academic year. There are many different housing options available to students at Luther, so the best advice we can offer is to take your time, research all the choices by visiting the buildings, and follow the guidelines. The more knowledge you have about room draw and about specific application procedures, the better you will be able to make informed decisions about your housing options.

The room draw process is based on the number credit hours a student has completed, with those having the most completed credits having the opportunity to select first. Students are responsible for reviewing their credits with the Registrar's office for accuracy.

Phase One of room draw begins at the start of spring term. Guidelines and applications are available on this website for Baker Village, Prairie Houses, Sustainability House, College Apartments with kitchens, Farwell gender inclusive cluster, Norby Global House, and off-campus living.

After spring break, the room draw process continues with Phase Two, including applications for Farwell clusters, Miller, Dieseth, and Olson suites and triple apartments with no kitchens. Room draw is completed the first week in May with students drawing for single, double and three-person rooms. 

The Room Draw Information Book is a detailed summary of the room draw process, dates and housing options. Several informational sessions to answer questions about room draw will be held in the residence halls to assist students with questions. If you have additional questions, please contact the Residence Life Office at 563-387-1330.