Room Change Process

Being a roommate comes with many responsibilities, and the Residence Life Office believes that the experiences shared through being a roommate are valuable and essential to a student's college education and development. Prior to a room change being approved, you are expected to have made a good faith effort toward resolving the roommate situation. Specific steps you should take include:

  • Discuss general roommate relationship(s) and specific concerns with roommate(s). If the situation is not resolved, then;
  • Discuss your concerns with an R.A., assistant hall director (A.H.D.), hall manager (H.M.), or hall director (H.D.). Any of these individuals may suggest that you hold a roommate conference (a meeting between you, your roommate(s), and the R.A., A.H.D., or H.M.) so that you can attempt to work out your differences.

Prior to a room change, roommates must make an effort to resolve their conflicts. Specific steps include:

  1. Discuss specific concerns among roommates
  2. Discuss specific concerns with the Resident Assistant.
  3. The resident assistant will facilitate a roommate conference in an attempt to resolve differences and come to an understanding of what is acceptable among roommates. Mediation in roommate conflicts is also available with the assistance of the Center for Intercultural Engagement and Student Success staff, including international student assistants.
  4. If the roommate conference is not effective, then a roommate conference with the hall director/hall manager is necessary.

The room change process at Luther is based on the following beliefs:

  • Roommate relationships are an important aspect of the residential experience. You learn a great deal about others, as well as yourself, through living with roommates.
  • Roommate relationships can provide a sense of companionship and support in the best of circumstances, and can be challenging and frustrating in the worst of circumstances. Both circumstances are growth-producing.
  • Although you may sometimes view "quick fixes" to roommate situations as the best approach, a process that challenges you to examine yourself and your relationship with your roommate(s) is the most sound process educationally.

If your attempt to reconcile your differences is not successful, then you should follow the steps detailed below to complete the room change process:

  • Obtain the Room Change Request Form from your Hall Director/Area Coordinator. The Hall Director/Area Coordinator will be able to provide you with information on room vacancy options.
  • Contact potential roommate(s) to find out whether you might be a good match. Once you have found an acceptable roommate(s), complete the room change request form:
    • Have your current roommate(s) complete their section of the form and sign it.
    • Have your new roommate sign the form.
    • Check out of your "old" room. Contact an R.A. in your "old" hall to complete this process.
    • Check in to your "new" room. Contact an R.A. in your "new" hall to complete this process.
    • Return the completed form with all signatures to the Residence Life Office.