New Student Information


Find out how Luther helps you manage your money with NordiCash, online account tracking, and how to keep track of your money and personal accounts away from home.

  • What about books?

    The Book Shop is proud to be competitive in pricing textbooks, by offering as many used books and rental books as possible.  For fall and spring semesters, books can be ordered through our website and you can view our comparison site during those times, which allows you to compare our prices with other vendors. The Book Shop also offers a buyback after each semester. You can sell books you no longer want to keep for cash. Please see the Book Shop website for more information about purchasing or renting textbooks, including the textbook reservation process.

  • Is there an ATM on campus?

    There is an ATM machine located in the Dahl Centennial Union. It provides access to American Express, VISA, Discover, Shazam, Decorah Bank & Trust, Mastercard, Maestro, Cirrus, Quest, and Plus. Please see the information posted on the machine for more details about deposits and ATM fees.

  • What is NordiCash?

    NordiCash could be considered similar to a debit card but can only be used at specified locations on Luther’s campus for "cashless" purchases. Students pre-deposit money onto their account at the Financial Services office which is located in Main. By using their ID cards, students can make purchases in: Nordic Brew, Marty's, Oneota Market, Sunnyside Café, Marty's C-Store, the cafeteria, Book Shop, Document Center, Mail Center, and Luther's ticket office. Students cannot withdraw any cash from NordiCash. Any unused funds are returned to the student when they graduate or withdraw from Luther.

  • Is a local checking account necessary?

    It is not necessary to have a checking account with a local bank, but some students like the convenience. Most local businesses will accept out-of-town checks with the student’s Luther ID.

    The Office for Financial Services (OFS), open to students from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday – Friday, will cash checks up to $150. The OFS will also open a student bank account for students; the account does not accrue interest.

    An automatic teller machine (ATM) is located in the Dahl Centennial Union. 

  • Can I access my statement of account online?

    To access your statement of account, go to, log in using your user ID and Norse Key, and select the Students Menu. Then select Web Statement of Account. The statement of account will appear in the same format as the printed statements you are currently receiving.  You will be able to view cash receipts, monthly payment plans, and work credit plans as soon as they are processed. Any changes to your statement of account, caused by revisions to your financial aid, will also be available for immediate viewing.  Please consult the help screen for more information about the web statement of account, or contact the Office for Financial Services. The help screen includes information about the printing or emailing of the statement of account.

  • What happens to my admission deposit/continuing enrollment deposit?

    The deposit paid at the time of commitment to Luther is used to pay for such things as library fines, traffic fines, or any unpaid fees. At the end of the school year, returning students will receive credit on their accounts for any unused student deposit balances. This credit will be applied toward the costs of the following year. Graduates and other non-returning students will be refunded the unused student deposit balance by check during June. Returning students are required to pay a continuing enrollment deposit on April 1 each year prior to registering for fall classes.

  • Will I be charged for room and board during J-term?

    January term is a "tuition-free and room-and-board-free" term. There is no charge for J-term tuition for full-time, degree-seeking students paying the full-time tuition charge for either fall or spring semester. There is also no charge for J-term board as long as the student participates in the full board plan for the entire fall or spring semester.