Frequently Asked Questions

Who can live on a wellness floor?

Any interested first-year student may apply for this option on the housing application form. Upperclassmen may also request placement on wellness floors in Miller Hall. We will try to accommodate the needs of as many students as possible, though depending on space, it may not be feasible to accommodate every student´s request.

Do I have to be an active, "well" person to live on a wellness floor?

No, though you must be interested in learning how to live a healthier life. You have to commit yourself to trying to live a more balanced life and to supporting others on the floor in this process.

What is expected of me if I live on a wellness floor?

Students living on a wellness floor are expected to seriously consider how a well-balanced lifestyle can improve their experiences at Luther as well as their lives in general. Students will be expected to sign a "wellness contract" to live on the floor.

Specific aspects of the contract include agreeing to:

  • attempt to live a healthier life centered on wellness concepts
  • support other floor members in their attempt to live a healthier life
  • actively support the development of a wellness-focused floor community by becoming involved and contributing to the welfare of the floor

The success of the floor will be determined by the commitment level of all residents on it. Wellness floors sponsor several events throughout the school year, and participation in some or all of these events is crucial to both the program and the success of each event. For more information, read the "Wellness Floor Active Participation" statement.

What can I expect from Luther if I live on a wellness floor?

From a programmatic standpoint, the Residence Life Office and other campus offices work together to help shape a floor environment conducive to healthy living. Students living on a wellness floor have resident assistants who make a commitment to wellness and work with students to provide physical activities, spiritual opportunities, intellectual activities, vocational programs, emotional support, and social activities. In addition, several faculty and/or staff members will be involved with the floors to assist residents in developing a healthy community.

Where are the wellness floors located?

There typically have been male and female wellness floors in Brandt Hall, and male and female wellness floors in Ylvisaker Hall. On occasion, additional wellness floors have been designated in these halls, but the number of wellness floors depends on the amount of interest year to year. For upperclassmen, the first and second floors of Miller Hall are designated for wellness.