Wellness and Quiet Floors

Wellness Floors

Students living on a Wellness floor will be expected to seriously consider how a well-balanced lifestyle can improve their experiences at Luther as well as their lives in general. Students are required to sign a "Wellness Contract" in order to live on the floor. Specific aspects of the contract include agreeing to:

  • attempt to live a healthier life centered on wellness concepts
  • support others floor members in their attempts to live healthier lives 
  • actively support the development of a wellness-focused floor community by becoming involved and contributing to the welfare of the floor

The success of the floor will be determined by the commitment level of all residents. Students living on a wellness floor have Resident Assistants (RAs) who have also made commitments to the wellness model. The RAs work with students on the floor to provide spiritual opportunities, vocational programs, emotional support, and physical, intellectual, and social activities.

Quiet Floors

Quiet floors are designed to provide an atmosphere where students who prefer a quieter living situation can, through self-selection, intentionally determine the atmosphere of their floor.

Though no special programming is provided, typically quiet floors have been a more suitable environment for those wishing to study in their room most of the time. Students living on quiet floors also have the option of extending college quiet hours on their floors.