Why Study Religion?

Religion is a powerful force in our world. In religion courses we study this force, wrestle with some of life’s biggest questions, and examine religion’s complex role in society throughout history. The study of religion is central to the nature and mission of Luther as a college of the church, and equips students with competency in religious literacy. In religion courses at Luther, students and faculty explore how members of the same religion often understand and practice their religion differently; how religions shape and have been shaped by the experiences and histories of individuals, communities, cultures, nations, and regions; and how religions shape and have been shaped by other religions or philosophies. Through this exploration and by asking critical questions, the study of religion expands students' understandings of both self and others, leading to a life of purposeful service in the world.

A degree in religion opens the door to a multiplicity of exciting career paths. Students planning to major or minor in religion should consult with faculty in the department; pre-ministry students should also consult with College Ministries and the Religion department’s pre-ministry resource person. Use the following links to learn more about how a religion degree can enhance your future career and enable you to make connections with other interests.

I’ve grown and learned so much about different beliefs around the world as well as my own.  The professors challenge your preconceptions and comfort to make sure that your ideas and beliefs are not only well-founded, but significant and sincere.

-Chris Lovagnini '16

I came to Luther with no intention of majoring in religion but after one class, I was hooked. The faculty has not only consistently challenged me to work harder, but also pushed me to challenge myself to expand my personal perceptions and motivations.

Keziah Grindeland ‘16

Yet Another Reason to Study Religion ...

Read why the National Council for the Social Studies recommends the study of religion in social studies curricula in K-12, and why it's important for increasing religious literacy in the nation.