Professor Guy Nave Selected as a Recipient of the Racial Equity & Interfaith Cooperation Award

Congratulations to Professor Guy Nave for being selected as a recipient of the Racial Equity & Interfaith Cooperation Award that is a part of the Interfaith Youth Core's (IFYC’s) We Are Each Other’s Campaign. In addition to a cash award to support the development of Professor Nave's new Spring 2021 Religion 485 course, "Toward an Interfaith Liberation Theology," Professor Nave will join a diverse group of faculty dedicated to developing curriculum at the intersection of racial equity and interfaith cooperation. As part of the award, IFYC will offer one on one consulting on course development, virtual networking opportunities with other faculty grantees, and additional curricular resources.

Professor Nave will also receive a stipend for his use and evaluation of the IFYC Interfaith Leadership Video Series, designed to help campuses creatively respond to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis with diverse remote learning possibilities.