Robert Wafula Publishes Knowledge Activism Beyond Theory: A Worldwide Call to Action

Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion, Robert S. Wafula and Joseph F. Duggan bring together the words, "Knowledge" and "Activism" moving beyond decolonial theories without praxis and real change. In this ground-breaking book readers are called to knowledge activism. Knowledge activism disrupts the colonial system of knowledge production that sanitizes narrative according to a universalized set of values and standards, set by a few, to benefit some and costing many whose voices are never heard. By changing the way knowledge is cultivated, produced, and distributed, knowledge activists actively challenge hegemonic norms that cause injustices for authors and readers by extension.

R.S. Wafula is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. He is the author of Biblical Representations of Moab: A Kenyan Postcolonial Reading (2014) and co-author of The Postcolonial Church: Bible, Theology, and Mission (2016), besides several published articles. Dr. Wafula rececived his PhD from Drew University.

Knowledge Activism