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There is no fixed point at which Luther College requires a student to declare a major, in part because the faculty believe this is not something to be rushed or hurried into. Many students change their major from the initial one they thought they would pursue when they entered Luther. In general, students should have settled on their major by the end of their second year, but there is time after that for changes in plans of study.

Listed below are the majors, minors, and special programs offered at Luther College, and it is important to keep on file with the Registrar's Office an accurate listing of your intended major(s) and minors. Why?

The program evaluation on my.luther is an important tool to help you know if you are completing graduation requirements successfully, and the only way the program evaluation can work is if you have told the system the major(s) and minors you intend to graduate with.

Each time that you complete this form, you must place a check by each major, minor, and special program you are currently pursuing. We will compare the information you submit on this form with any information you submitted to us at an earlier time and make the appropriate adjustments. If you are deleting a major or minor, leave those boxes unchecked—submitting the form without those checks will signal that you want those programs deleted.

Within a few days of completing this form, you will be able to review your progress in each major and minor you have declared by accessing your program evaluation on

We assume you are completing your major and/or minor from the catalog under which you entered Luther. If that is not the case, your advisor must notify us.

Students who declare an International Studies major or minor should meet with the head of the department, Pedros Dos Santos, about the requirements for the major or minor.

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