Racquetball Waiver

All players must read and agree to the following statement before playing in recreational racquetball, sponsored by Luther College Recreational Services department.

A racquetball ball is ideally suited to produce an eye injury. Its size and composition can be compressed very easily into the eye orbit. Ball speeds have been measured at 78 mph for a novice and 127 mph for an A-level player. The racket, when, hit appropriately, can cause immense harm to the orbit of the eye and its fragile contents. According to a study of racquetball eye injuries reported in The Physicians and Sportsmedicine magazine, injury can result in poor vision or even blindness. The most common types of ocular injuries in racquetball include hyperma (blood in the anterior chamber), hemorrhage, corneal abrasion, iritis, subconjunctival hemorrhage, and lid laceration. There is the misconception among many players who wear hardened glass or plastic prescription glasses that such glasses, especially when called shatter-resistant, offer some protection. Eye glass guards are recommended when playing racquetball. It is acknowledged that the wearing of eyeglass guards will not prevent all injuries; however, it has been shown that closed guards can reduce the number and severity of injuries.

If you choose to play racquetball, with or without an eye glass guard, you realized the potential danger for eye injuries and assume such risks, from whatever cause, including negligence of the sponsoring organization, and hereby agree not to hold liable Luther College Recreational Services department, or Luther College, or any of its agents, for any injury sustained.


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