Internship Stories

Mengyu Duan

Mengyu Duan at her internship with Argosy.When: January 2016
Argosy Foundation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Psychology and Management

During the 2016 J-Term, Mengyu worked at the Argosy Foundation. Her main task during the internship was to do research and write a memo on approaches to homelessness in the United States with a special focus on two homeless shelters that Argosy Foundation gave $1.1 million to last year. In addition, she also went to an annual clean energy conference, RENEW Wisconsin. Mengyu found the most rewarding part of her experience was getting to know the stories of all the people who work for this foundation. Although her internship is not wholly connected to her major, working in a non-profit sector is what she really wants to do in the future and has also assisted in her growth as a person.

Julie Goulette

Julie Goulette at ATTACh.When: January 2016
Where: ATTACh, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Major: Psychology

During January, Julie interned at the Association for Training on Trauma and Attachment in Children (ATTACh). One of her main projects was to market the 28th annual Attach Conference in September. She researched practicing and teaching professionals all over the country and reached out to them to invite them to the conference. She was also able to assist in planning a one-day training in Minneapolis at the end of February. Her internship provided her with many opportunities to develop her communication skills both within the office and with individuals across the country. The most rewarding part of her internship was simply knowing what her work was contributing to. Although there is no direct care with clients, the trainings ATTACh provides gives professionals and parents the tools to heal children in need. Seeing all of the behind the scenes work and planning that goes into every training and meeting showed her that there is much more to the therapy world than she had originally thought.

Connor Fleming

Connor FlemingWhen: January 2016
Freeport Police Department, Freeport, IL
Major: Psychology

Connor spent J-Term at the Freeport Police Department learning about the daily lives and duties of police officers. He participated in ride-alongs during both day and night shifts. He also worked with the detectives and drug task force team pursuing individuals using and distributing narcotics, a process that fascinated Connor. During his internship, Connor learned how patience and respect help facilitate positive interactions with the public which improved his communication skills. He also has a better appreciation for the hard work and determination it takes to build cases used in court. Connor felt rewarded by helping people in need and it meant a lot when people appreciated his help. Because of his internship, Connor gained insight into the world of abnormal psychology and saw how much work it takes to be a police officer. Connor feels more confident in his understanding of how a police department operates and will use this in his career search.

Allison Meier 

Allison Meier at her internship at Brain Injury Alliance in Iowa City.

When: Summer 2016
Where: Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa, Iowa City
Major: Psychology with a Health and Fitness Promotion minor

Over the summer, Allison had an internship at the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa in Iowa City, which allowed her to learn more about brain injuries, writing monthly newsletters, and interviewed survivors. The biggest project she worked on is a Comfort Kit for families who have a loved one in a trauma room. Allison learned how to act professionally  when talking to others as well as keep people calm. She learned organizational skills as well as ask questions when she needed help. The most rewarding part of her internship was knowing she made a difference in someone’s life everyday. This internship strengthened Allison’s passion for psychology and she feels ready to face the world.