Summer Staff Application

Summer Housing Staff

Dates of Employment: June 1-August 1, 2017

Job Description

It is the responsibility of a Summer Housing Staff member to serve as a front desk housing representative to people of various ages attending conferences and camps at Luther College. The staff person must develop and maintain cooperative working relationships with summer guests, residents, camp and conference coordinators, and related campus offices. The staff person should be an able listener, adept at problem solving and enforcing campus policies. This job includes assuming various custodial and maintenance functions in the residence halls, carrying out administrative duties, acting as a campus tour guide and relating to the general public.

In general, staff members should be outgoing, cheerful, respectful, polite, courteous, neat, dependable, helpful, efficient, resourceful, and most of all, professional.

Application Deadline: 5:00 p.m. Friday, March 3, 2017.

Two references from Luther College faculty, staff, and/or recent employers are required. Please send the following link (Recommendation Form) to your references, and ask them to submit their recommendation on your behalf before the application deadline.

Note: To be eligible for application to the Summer Housing Office, please ensure you have also completed and submitted the general HR summer work application before March 3, 2017.

Please email a current resume to [email protected] and submit the following form.


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Have you had experience with stressful situations, which became your resonsibility? If so, please elaborate and explain how you handled it.
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If you are not certified, would you be willing to become certified?
Summer staff members will be called upon (by conference guests and visitors) to answer questions regarding Luther, the surrounding area, the student population, etc. How easy or hard would it be for you to come up the following information: 1) it would be a snap; 5) I'd need to check the answer and get back to them
Direct a visitor to any campus building and appropriate office
Direct a visitor to a nearby hiking trail
Support Luther's Student Policies
Answer questions about the academic programs that Luther office
Explain what food services are offered and where
Name at least three area tourist attactions
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