Planning a Series of Events or Annual Event

In the current climate of campus over-programming, VP approval is required for a series or new annual event. The goal is to keep new initiatives embedded in a larger conversation of organizational goals and resource requirements (human and budget resources).

From handbook. 601.1

Pre-approval is required for scheduling a series of events. (series = more than two events that are related by theme, time span, or organizing group. This includes special emphasis "weeks" and proposed new annual events). Faculty and staff organizers need to send an overview of the series, proposed number of dates, and funding sources at least three months in advance to the appropriate vice president. Student groups need to send the same information to the appropriate program or department head (LDC, SAC, College Ministries, an academic department head, etc.).

Note: pre-approval by a vice president or department head does not guarantee a specific facility or time on the calendar.

Please respond to the following standard questions and send the information to your appropriate Vice president or department head and the Director of Campus Programming.

 The proposal should address the following items:

  • What is the purpose of the event?
  • In what way does existing programming not address the goals of this event? 
  • How does it further Luther's mission?
  • Is there another group or department to co-sponsor the event?
  • How will it be funded?
  • Estimated dates, and alternate date considerations and their implications
  • Proposed facilities, and what other on-campus resources will be required for this series or event.
  • Are there any challenges or considerations related to this proposal?

The designated Vice president or Department may follow up with you, the Campus Programming Office, or related partners on campus in the consideration of the proposal. He/she will respond to you and the Campus Programming Office to confirm the outcome.