Scheduling Policies

I. Policy

This policy outlines the basic guidelines for acceptable use of college facilities. This policy intends to provide guidance on the approval process to request the use of college facilities, the evaluation process to ensure that the use of facilities adheres to the mission of Luther College and assurance that the event does not inhibit the safety and security of the college’s students, staff, faculty, visitors or property. The goal is not to obstruct freedom of speech or hinder academic freedom; rather, the objective is to support the mission of Luther College in a safe and educational environment.

II. Scope

This policy applies to any interested person or group who requests the use of campus facilities.

III. Terms and Definitions

  • Use of facilities – The usage of any room, building, grounds, or space owned or controlled by Luther College.
  • Master calendar – A record of scheduled events maintained by the office of Campus Programming at Luther College. The schedule includes details of specific events including the date, time, location and name of the event, and appropriate contact information. Availability of space is determined by this master calendar and requests will be confirmed or denied by the Director of Campus Programming.
  • Safety – An environment in which a person or category of people can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment or any other emotional or physical harm or that college resources and facilities are not at unreasonable risk.
  • Discrimination – When an individual is treated adversely because of membership in one of the legally protected groups under federal or state law. Discriminatory practices based on bias against a person’s age, color, creed, disability (actual or perceived), gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or veteran status are prohibited.
  • Harassment – When unwelcome conduct based on an individual’s membership in a protected group unreasonably interferes with the individual’s work or educational environment. It includes verbal, visual, or physical conduct where such conduct may have the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work or educational performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working or educational environment.
  • Cabinet – the executive team made up of the President, Vice Presidents, Dean for Institutional Planning and Mission, Dean for Institutional Equity and Inclusion and the Executive Assistant to the President.

IV. Procedures and Guidelines

A. Inappropriate use of college facilities includes but is not limited to:

  • an event that may present a substantial safety and security risk to students, faculty, staff and visitors;
  • an event that may present a substantial risk to public safety and security within the Decorah community;
  • an event that may present material or substantial disruption to the educational mission of the college; an event that fosters any form of discrimination and/or harassment; an event that may present an atmosphere of violence;
  • an event that promotes illegal activities;
  • an event that may cause a negative impact on the reputation of Luther College;
  • an event where an outside entity refuses to sign a contract or comply with the requirements of the contract such as adequate insurance coverage or security detail
  • An event that interferes with the academic mission of the College

B. Appropriate use of college facilities includes but is not limited to the information in Campus Programming Scheduling Policies.

C. Review of reservation requests and planned events

  • Review of events will be done in cooperation with Campus Safety and Security, Risk Management, and Campus Programming. Other key departments may be brought into the process on an as needed basis. In most cases, at least two weeks will be necessary to complete the review process. Program planners should account for this in their planning process.

This review will focus on issues of safety and risk mitigation.

Because circumstances may change from the time an event was first approved, a secondary review should occur prior to the time an event takes place on campus, usually no later than two weeks prior to the event.

  • Should the campus events review team recommend an event not take place, the program planner may appeal the decision to the Cabinet officials responsible for the three departments (Vice President for Finance and Administration, Vice President and Dean for Student Life, Dean for Institutional Planning and Mission).

D. On-campus space reservation requests

  • All reservation requests are submitted to the Office of Campus Programming, via the Event Request Form, or by calling (563) 387-1291.
  • The master calendar determines if space is available for Luther College meetings or events.
  • Luther College events have priority over off-campus sponsored events. On-campus scheduling is prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis and decisions will be made with consideration to the academic calendar and the feasibility of scheduling of space and provision of necessary services.
  • If a request to schedule an event conflicts with a previously arranged meeting or event, the Director of Campus Programming will be consulted. If it is determined the two events are not in conflict, both may be held in different buildings and/or at different times.
  • Some events may be denied if they conflict with all-college events such as Homecoming, Family Weekend, Christmas at Luther, Distinguished Lecture Series, convocations, new student orientation or Commencement.
  • In addition, booking events adjacent that potentially conflict (as in a space or time?) with the Center Stage Series, Center for Ethics and Public Engagement major lectures and major SAC concerts should be avoided.
  • Booking events on the following holidays is prohibited: New Year's Day, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving Day. Scheduling against a Luther paid holiday is also discouraged (refer to Human Resources Holiday Schedule.)
  • Meeting or event times should not conflict with regularly scheduled campus events such as evening classes, Tuesdays from 9:40-10:50 a.m., Thursdays from 9:30-10:30 a.m., worship services or Community Assembly.
  • No public events shall be held during the six days prior to final exams, so that students have uninterrupted time to complete papers and prepare for exams.
  • Any requests for exceptions during finals week will be considered by the Director of Campus Programming in consultation with the Academic Dean or the Dean for Institutional Planning and Mission.
  • Tickets for Luther sponsored events may be sold at the Luther Box Office.
  • Athletic events are scheduled by the Athletic Department – please contact the Athletic Director or the Associate Director of Athletics Operations/Facility.

E. Off-campus space reservation requests

  • Reservation requests should be submitted through the Event Request Form for off-campus entities.
  • Reservation inquiries may be directed to the Office of Campus Programming, (563) 387-1291 or (563) 387-1538.
  • Luther College events have priority over off-campus sponsored events.
  • Off-campus scheduling is prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Fees may be applicable for facility usage or rental. Contact the Office of Campus Programming, (563) 387-1538, for price quotes.
  • In the event that an outside entity was not invited to Luther nor sponsored by any member of the Luther community, additional fees may apply such as a security fee or an insurance fee.
  • Requests for summer programs or conferences will be directed to the Associate Director of Campus Programming, (563-387-1538).
  • Tickets for non-Luther events held on campus may not be sold at the Luther Box Office or any other office on campus.

F. Modification or cancellation of registration/reservation

  • Luther reserves the right to make modifications and or cancellations to a registered event or program when deemed necessary.

If a reasonable substitution is available, all attempts will be made to utilize an alternative location or date.

If an event registration is a contracted agreement, the contract shall guide the determination regarding any modifications to the event or program.


G. Denial of service

  • Luther reserves the right to deny service or access to an event.
  • All persons on Luther College property are required to comply with the instructions of a properly identified college official.

H. Advertisements and Sales

  • Luther College has the right to review, specify, and restrict advertising, sales, and products.
  • Any sale of merchandise or other materials must follow established guidelines for on-campus sales and solicitations.
  • The use of banners or other signage must be approved prior to installation.

I. Dining services

  • Groups requiring meals or refreshments should contact Luther College Catering directly, (563) 387-1395, (563) 387-1463 or [email protected]
  • Outside catering is not permitted in Dahl Centennial Union, except as approved by the Cabinet.
  • All off-campus vendors must provide Luther College with a Certificate of Insurance for liability and workers’ compensation, listing Luther College as an additional insured.

J. Information Technology Services

Network Access

  • The LCGuest wireless network exists to provide basic Internet access to guests on campus. LCGuest does not provide access to campus services such as printing. Guests who require more network access than LCGuest will provide, should contact the Technology Help Desk at (563) 387-1000 to discuss these needs.

Network Capacity

  • Our wireless network is built to accommodate our typical college usage. Groups planning activities involving large numbers of users simultaneously accessing the wireless network from the same location, and groups that consider use of the wireless network critical to the success of their event should review their needs with the Campus Programming Office prior to confirming the scheduled event(s). Should there be issues when groups on are campus, they should contact the Technology Help Desk at (563) 387-1000 to discuss network requirements.

Technology Support

  • Space reservation requests requiring support for technology in the space, or additional technology not already in the space, should be reviewed by ITS prior to confirmation of the request.

K. Endorsement

  • The views expressed by confirmed events and programs should not be implied as an endorsement or approval by the sponsoring group or the College.


V. Confidentiality and Record

All records, billing information, master calendar and contracts are kept confidential and secure in the Office of Campus Programming.