LFA 2012-2013

Fund Allotments


Event Contact
Francesca Soans Wanda Deifelt
Odalis Valdivieso Ben Moore
Danielle Scruggs Sheila Radford-Hill


Event Contact
Dr. Robin James Holly Moore
Embodying Shakespeare Mark Muggli
Acting Clues in Shakespeare Kate Narveson
Theodora Cormontan Marv Slind


Event Contact
Dr. Stacey Barelos Du Huang
Music in the Shape of a Pear Brooke Joyce
Christine Kim Eric Kutz
Emily Pinkerton Michael O'Brien
Water Street Music Series Lindsay Sheridan/Dan Fernelius


Event Contact
Hans Cools Victoria Christman
Jin Park Gereon Kopf
Izumi Ashizawa Bob Larson
Neela Bhattacharya Saxena Guy Nave
Dr. Barbara Lynch Laura Peterson


Event Contact
AGA Collaborative Amanda Hamp
Jeff Wallace Jane Hawley
Nick Bryson Lisa Lantz
Izumi Ashizawa Bob Larson
Maria Newman Eric Kutz/Thomas Johnson

Combined Funds (after December 1, remaining funds were combined)