Lectures and Fine Arts (LFA) Request for Funds

All funds are currently allocated for the 2018-2019 academic year.
The next opportunity to request funds is prior to October 3rd for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Information about the application process and the funding schedule is included in the information provided below.

It is the responsibility of the Lecture and Fine Arts Committee to encourage unique and innovative programs; to coordinate cross-campus collaboration and resource sharing; and to help facilitate connections between the academic program and campus events. The purpose of the LFA funds is to encourage programming that supports our academic and cultural life at Luther. The Committee welcomes and assesses applications for funding for campus events, in amounts up to $1500 per event.  Applications with substantiated significant campus impact may request more than $1500. All faculty and administrative staff members in the Luther community may submit proposals to the LFA Committee to request funds for specific events. In general, LFA will not provide ongoing annual or biennial funding.


Funding of proposals is not automatic. It is the role of the LFA Committee to promptly evaluate proposals on:

  • the basis of their promise of quality
  • appropriateness for the academic and cultural community
  • the potential for relatively broad appeal on the campus
  • unique and innovative programming that is different or expands what is offered on campus
  • connections to academic or other programs on campus
  • support for diversity of student experiences, including cultural experiences, and involves a variety of campus constituencies.

The likelihood of a favorable response to a proposal is enhanced by evidence of realistic and careful planning and by supporting materials submitted with the proposal. Proposals should include at least one opportunity available to the entire campus community.

General Information

The LFA budget is divided into five categories

  • musical events
  • literary events
  • theatre/dance
  • visual arts
  • speakers in areas not related to the other categories

The LFA Committee's review cycle begins in the spring semester prior to the targeted academic year (i.e. the first opportunity for applications for events in the 2019-2020 academic year begins in Spring 2019). The review cycle has two phases:

Phase 1: The LFA committee's review cycle begins in April of each academic year. The first window for applications begins on April 16 and closes on April 30. After April 30, the Committee will review all submitted applications, and allocate funds to the most qualified applications by May 16. Applications received after April 30 but before September 1 will be reviewed in early September, and applications received in September will be reviewed in early October. The committee will respond to applicants within three weeks of the respective deadline. Applicants whose applications were previously declined can revise and resubmit their events and applications.

Phase 2: Any funds remaining in any of the five distinct LFA categories after the committee’s October meeting will be pooled into a general LFA fund. The committee will review all applications received by November 1, and will respond to applicants within three weeks. Applicants whose applications were previously declined can revise and resubmit their events and applications. Resources are available for planning your event at Campus Programming.

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Hongmei Yu
Lectures and Fine Arts Committee, Co-chair
Luther College
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