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Become a Subscriber



As a Center Stage Series subscriber, you’ll have the privilege of tailoring a unique arts experience during the 2013–14 season.

Subscriber benefits include:

  • Subscriber dinner invitation: Kick off the season with our subscribers only discounted dinner.
  • Discounted ticket prices: Save 10–20% on total ticket prices with a subscription package of 5 or more shows.
  • Two free shows: Receive a discount equal to 2 free shows with a subscription to the entire 2013–14 series.
  • Premier seating: Enjoy ticketing priority before student and single ticket sales.
  • Group seating: Take advantage of seating with friends when subscription orders are mailed together.
  • Assured seating: Guaranteed tickets—even for sold-out shows.
  • Hassle-free: Tickets appear in your mailbox—no need to call or stand in line for each show.
  • Ticket insurance: No charge to replace a misplaced or lost ticket.
  • No convenience fees: Subscribers avoid fees with a subscription package.
  • Subscription renewal: Season subscribers have the first opportunity to renew each year for the very best seats.

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