Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have never been in a canoe or camped?

Prior outdoor experience in camping, hiking, or canoeing is not required. Do not let a lack of gear discourage you from applying, either. There is a variety of gear available to check out, please contact Emily Neal in the Center for Sustainable Communities for more information. Inexperienced campers are highly encouraged to apply. To be sure, you may capsize your canoe in the Upper Iowa, feel the ache in your shoulders as you finish carrying your canoe from one lake to another, and long for a soft mattress, but we think you will find the activity worth it.

As one participant wrote: “This was the best possible way for me to start my college experience. I enjoyed meeting a small group of people right away. I developed a few very solid friendships. It was also nice getting to talk to an upperclassman. This was one of the best experiences of my life and is a great opportunity for incoming freshmen.”

Who are the group leaders?

In addition to providing first year students an adventure-based experience, the Endeavor Together program provides an opportunity for current Luther students to grow their leadership and outdoors skills. All student leaders receive in-depth training, including Wilderness First Aid and Canoe Safety training. Each trip is led by one or two student leaders, and a faculty mentor supports each trip.

What is the program cost?

The cost to participate in each trip varies. See the Driftless Area Trip or Boundary Waters Trip pages for more information on cost.

What is the schedule for the program? 

  • Saturday, August 24
    • Move-in: 10:00a.m.
    • Orientation: 12:00p.m.
    • Endeavor Together Begins: 3:00p.m.
  • Saturday, August 31
    • Endeavor Together Ends: 12:00p.m.