Ways to Do Engineering at Luther

Are you interested in engineering? Here are several ways to pursue engineering with a degree from Luther.

Keep in mind that with these options you don't have to pick a specific engineering field to specialize in right away. You will have the flexibility to consider carefully, over a number of years, what field you'd like to enter.

Dual Degree Engineering Program

Luther is affiliated with the Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science in St. Louis, MO.

Students who participate in the dual-degree plan attend Luther for three years and complete all the requirements for the bachelor's degree. Upon recommendation by the pre-engineering advisor, they may then transfer to Washington University and complete the requirements to become professional engineers.

The dual-degree option enables students to earn a bachelor of arts degree from Luther and a bachelor of science degree in engineering from Washington University. Another option at Washington University is a six-semester combined bachelor of science/master of science degree program.

The dual-degree plan allows the individual increased flexibility to postpone the choice of specific field for a year. This allows students more time to consider which area of specialization best fits their career goals.

For more information about the dual-degree program, please contact our pre-engineering advisor, Erin Flater, or one of the other STEM faculty.

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Graduate Degree Option

Most of our engineering-bound graduates pursue a graduate degree rather than participating in a dual-degree program. Earning a bachelor's degree in science (such as physics or chemistry) plus a master's degree in engineering is a great way to become a practicing engineer. The breadth of coursework in the liberal arts required at Luther College, coupled with the depth of study in your major, give you a strong background in problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and ethical reasoning. These characteristics make our graduates stand out among prospective applicants to engineering graduate programs, and give them the tools needed to excel.

Luther engineering-focused students graduate, in most cases, with a masters in their engineering field after six years after the start of their study at Luther.

For general information about applying to graduate school, visit the Career Center website.