Suggested Courses

While there are no specific course requirements for pre-engineering at Luther, the following courses are suggested for students interested in pursuing careers in engineering:

For All Branches of Engineering

  • Physics
    • PHYS 151/152: General Physics I/II or PHYS 181/182: Classical Physics I/II
  • Chemistry
    • CHEM 151/152: Chemical Principles I/II or CHEM 201: Advanced Chemical Principles
  • Math
    • MATH 151: Calculus I, MATH 152: Calculus II, MATH 240: Linear Algebra, MATH 253: Vector Calculus, MATH 351: Ordinary Differential Equations, MATH 452: Partial Differential Equations, MATH 453: Methods of Applied Mathematics

For Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, or Similar Fields

  • PHYS 238: Statics
  • PHYS 352: Mechanics of Materials
  • PHYS 361: Classical Mechanics 

For Electrical or Computer Engineering

  • PHYS 311: Electronics
  • PHYS 364: Electricity and Magnetism

For Chemical Engineering

We suggest that you talk to faculty about what it means to be an engineer. Taking one of the Physics Department courses designed for engineers is a great way to get a taste of engineering as well. Check out this Physics Department blog post about the Statics course taught at Luther.

Fact: The world needs well-rounded engineers.
Fact: The world needs well-rounded engineers.

Learn why the world needs well-rounded engineers and the various routes that you can take in pursuing engineering at Luther.

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