Electrical or Computer Engineering

Students interested in a Electrical Engineering need a strong foundation in physics and mathematics. In addition to the introductory physics and math courses, students should take

For students interested in Computer Engineering, computer programming courses and knowledge of the physics of electric circuits are quite important.

Here are our suggestions for students interested in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering:

Physics 311: Advanced Laboratory 1 (Electronics)--

Physics 364: Electricity and Magnetism--

Computer science courses, such as Computer Science 150, 160, 220, etc.--


Math 240: Linear algebra [RECOMMENDED]-- Many physical systems are linear. Linear algebra gives you tools to deal with multiple linear equations at the same time and fine solutions in efficient ways.

Math 253: Multivariable Calculus [RECOMMENDED]-- Sometimes called Calculus 3, Multivariable calculus helps us understand how more complex functions can depend on more than one variable.

Math 321/322/327: Statistics courses [RECOMMENDED]-- Statistics help us understand complicated systems where there are not clear identifiable relationships between variables. Biological and human systems often can be better understood through use of statistics, but statistics also applies to physical and chemical principles as well.

Math 351: Ordinary Differential Equations [RECOMMENDED]--

Math 456: Functions of a Complex Variable [RECOMMENDED]-- Knowledge of how to use complex numbers (numbers involving the imaginary number i) is useful for many fields of engineering, but used most commonly by electrical engineers. Students interested in electrical engineering are highly recommended to take this course.

Math 452: Partial Differential Equations [RECOMMENDED]--

Math 462: Numerical Analysis [RECOMMENDED]--