• Political Science professor and students engaging in class discussion.

    Political Science at Luther College

    Scott Meyer, ’05, team-teaching a January Term class, “Tweets, Leaks, and Hacks,” with John Moeller.

  • Recent Luther graduates attend the PLEN Mentor Awards ceremony.

    Get Involved with Political Science

    Recent Luther graduates and current student Betsy Fawcett (middle) attend PLEN (Public Leadership Education Network) Mentor Awards. The PLEN organization offers premiere leadership and public policy programs for college women.

  • Calvin Waller and Chase Claflin visit the Pentagon with other students on the Washington Semester program

    Washington Semester

    Calvin Waller ('15) and Chase Claflin ('15) visit the Pentagon with other students on the Washington Semester program

  • Mary McAleese

    Mary McAleese Visit

    Faith, Peace, and Leadership: A Conversation with Mary McAleese, President of Ireland 1997-2011 - CFL Main Hall on March 10, 2015

  • Alumni Panel members from L to R: Steven Thai (2011), Christine Kennedy (2011), Matt Wilson (1997), Kris Lyndon Wilson (1997), Emily Van Dunk (1989), Alex Anderson (2011)

    Talking with Alumni

    Graduates speak at a panel discussing "life after Luther" and where their degree has taken them since graduation

Political Science

Political science is concerned with the systematic study of all forms of political behavior and the ideas on which they are built. Students of political science study the way governments are structured, operate, and affect the governed.

The Department of Political Science attracts students with diverse interests and perspectives, each interested in some facet of the relationship between the government and private life. Upon learning and weighing quantifiable data pertaining to political issues, students are prodded to delve deeper, recognizing the tensions between the individual and the group that are inherent in living as a part of a community. Drawing on their liberal arts backgrounds, students within the Department of Political Science bring many perspectives and viewpoints to each issue, ensuring that they have well-rounded responses to today's dilemmas.

The political science major allows for students to study the intricacies of societies and the ways in which their respective political systems and decisions influence them. It is a versatile field of study that will leave you more prepared and informed for whatever lies ahead.

— Kai Hedstrom '16

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Want to Learn More?

Get to know the faculty and staff for Luther's Political Science department. This site also provides valuable information regarding careers for political science majors and statistics about recent graduates.


A political science major is all about being informed about our world and being able to make reasoned arguments. It has not only prepared me for a career of making change, but it has also made me a better global citizen.

— Lindsay Getschel '16

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