Career details on 1998-2021 grads

Information on recent Physics Major graduates

The tables below detail the career info on Luther College Physics graduates from 1998 to present.

Note that if you are a Luther College Physics graduate, we would love to hear from you. One recent Physics graduate sent  the department the photo at right, along with an email describing his excitement for his new job as a Process Engineer. If you would like your information added, revised, or removed, please contact Todd Pedlar, [email protected]

2021 Post-graduate location Position Field of Study
1 Cornell University graduate student (PhD) Electrical and Computer Engineering
2 University of Texas at Austin graduate student (JD) Patent Law
3 University of Nebraska graduate student (MS) Acoustical Engineering
4 Iowa State University graduate student (MS) Mechanical Engineering
5 Anoka, MN Public Schools student teaching
6 Luther College assistant swimming coach
2020 Post-graduate location Position Field of Study
1 University of Minnesota graduate student (PhD) Physics
2 University of Wisconsin graduate student (MS) Civil/Environmental Engineering
3 TitleTown Tech Digital Media Coordinator
4 Genesis10 Software Developer
5 Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes Learning Center Clinician
2018 Post-graduate location Position Field of Study
1 University of Minnesota graduate student (PhD) Physics
2 University of Minnesota graduate student (MS) Civil/Environmental Engineering
3 Indiana University, Bloomington, IN graduate student (PhD) Elementary Particle Physics
4 Northern Illinois University, De Kalb, IL graduate student (MS) Mechanical Engineering
5 Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA graduate student (PhD) Materials Science
6 University of Minnesota graduate student (MS) Electrical/Computer Engineering
7 Minnetonka Public Schools student teacher
8 Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church youth pastor
2017 Post-graduate location Position Field of Study
1 Wildlands Science Research School, Fall Creek, WI Science Teacher
2 University of Minnesota Student (BSEE) Electrical Engineering
3 Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO graduate student (PhD) Mechanical Engineering
4 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR graduate student (MS) Optical Engineering
5 Metagenics, Des Moines Territory Sales Representative
6 Imat Automotive, Marietta, GA Lab Tech
7 Indiana University, Bloomington, IN graduate student (PhD) Elementary Particle Physics
2016 Post-graduate location Position Field of Study
1 DECO Products, Decorah, IA Process engineer
2 University of Oslo, Norway Graduate student (PhD) Astrophysics 
3 University of Minnesota Graduate student (MS) Physical Chemistry    
4 University of Wisconsin Graduate student (MS) Medical Physics
5 University of Minnesota Graduate student (MS) Electrical and Computer Engineering
6 Heaven Hill Brands, Bardstown, KY IT Support Analyst
7 Now Bikes and Fitness, St. Paul, MN Sales and Digital Content Coordinator
2015 Post-graduate location Position Field of Study
1 University of Colorado, Boulder, CO Graduate student (PhD) Environmental Engineering
2 IBM, Rochester, MN Software Engineer
3 Purdue University Calumet Graduate student (MS) Electrical/Computer Engineering
4 Western Michigan University Graduate student (MS) Biostatistics
5 Epic Systems Interface Engineer
6 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA Graduate student (PhD) Elementary Particle Physics
2014 Post-graduate location Position Field of Study
1 Epic, Madison, WI Medical Software Tech Representative
2 University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA Graduate student Physics 
3 Whirlpool Corporation Fabric Care Controls Test Technician                      
4 Superior Edge Inc., Mankato, MN Customer Support Representative
5 Tartan High School, Oakdale, MN High School teacher
6 Minneapolis, MN Medical Scribe
2013 Post-graduate location Position Field of Study
1 Penn State University Graduate Student Meteorology
2 Rushford NanoElectroChemistry Technician                                    
3 University of Kansas Graduate Student Astronomy
4 Central Senior High School, St. Paul, MN High School Teacher
5 Polar Semiconductor, Bloomington, MN Process Engineer
6 University of Iowa Graduate Student Mechanical Engineering
7 Indiana University Graduate Student Physics

For earlier years below, click on the names of the graduates to see current information on the web about their careers. Approximately 65 percent of 1998-2012 graduates have a web presence and are listed.

2012 2011 2010
Opeoluwa Matthews
Computer Engineering Grad Student
Duke University
Kirsten Strandjord
Krista Morris
Structural Engineer
Dallas Wulf
Physics Grad Student
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Braulio Dumba
Computer Science Grad Student
University of Minnesota
Joseph Berg
Computer Scientist
Sandia National Laboratories
George Zacharakis-Jutz
System Hardware Development Manager


2009 2008 2007
Andrea Schiefelbein
Graduate Student
University of London
Josh Bruflodt
Software Developer
Jonathan Allen
Tech Support Analyst
Materials Management Microsystems
Andrew Webber
Senior System Engineer
Kris Klein
University of Michigan
Dan Gonzalez
Supply Chain Manager
Solidia Technologies
Ujjwal Joshi
Software Developer
Open Access Technology International
Jeff Hoden
Quality Engineer
John Deere
Ryan Schultz
Medical Student
University of Iowa
Nathan Rengstorf
Orchestra director
Meadowdale High School
Lynnwood, WA
Isaac White
Software Engineer
Kai Tsruta
Math Grad Student
University of Iowa
John Xavier
Technical Services
Epic Systems
2006 2005 2004
Shovit Bhari
Staff Physicist
California State University Fullerton
Amalia Anderson
Research Scientist
Signature Research, Inc.
Chris Anderson
Technical Staff
Systems & Technology Research
Todd Brown
Cassini Spacecraft Control Engineer
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Katie Bremer
Grant Writer
Forward Service Corporation
Meredith (Bird) Pfister
ICEA Certified Birth Doula
Baby Bird Birth Services
Andrew Foltz
Martin Health Services
West Des Moines, IA
Scott Channon
Systems Engineer
Rockwell Collins
Luke Johnson
Research Associate
University of Minnesota
Kari Frank
Astrophysics Research Associate
Pennsylvania State University
Ronnie Cooper
Customer Service Supervisor
Bruker Nano Surfaces
Kyle Knoepfel
Applications Development & Systems Analyst
Nathan Holt
Actuarial Analyst
Securian Financial Group
Adrian Hanson
Mechanical Engineer
Integrated Process Engineers & Constructors
Scott Roland
Systems Engineering and Integration
Blue Origin
Sheil Kee
Senior Scientific Researcher
Eric Henderson
Senior Engineer
Brajesh Lacoul
Data Analyst
The College Board
Jared Thompson
Design Engineer
Case New Holland
Timo Mechler
Natural Gas Strategist
Susquehanna International Group, LLP (SIG)
Mark Thompson
Senior Design Engineer
Catepillar Inc.
Alex Nugent
Applications Engineer
Seagate Technology
Matt Roling
Structural Designer
Flad Architects
2003 2002 2001
Andrea (Dunker) Tiwari
Applications Engineer
TSI, Inc.
Jared Bosch
Agate Alley Bistro
Phil Assmus
Senior Staff Associate
National Association of Clean Air Agencies
Jason Hartfield
Technical Co-Founder, Software Engineer
Ryan Flynn
Clinical Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology
University of Iowa
Erin Flater
Associate Professor of Physics
Luther College
Nate Jensen
Economist-Resilience and Innovation for Dryland Systems
International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)
Jake Hildebrand
Hawkeye Stages
Tory Hegrenes
FA-18 Officer
US Navy
Heather (Lehmann) Witts
Deputy Chief, Directed Energy Branch
Bill Mabuce
Engineering Project Manager
West Des Moines Water Works
Chris Knutson
Senior Development Scientist
Beckman Coulter
Caleb Mattoon
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jami McLaren
Senior Scientist
Boston Scientific
David Muth
Graduate Intern
Idaho National Laboratory
Alex Schwarzhoff
Interstate Engineering, Inc.
Ujjwal Raut
Research Scientist
University of Virginia
Brian Thomas
Pre-Engineering Teacher
Centaurus High School
Robyn (Siedschlag) Wangberg
Assistant Professor of Physics
St. Mary's University of Minnesota
Hilary Teslow
Senior Pricing Consultant
Siri Thompson 
Director, Manufacturing Engineer
Boston Scientific

2000 1999 1998
Adam Bumpus Sarika Bajoria Mike Dillon
Jeff Friedhof Joel Duenow Michael Feldman
Jason Havel Micah Hanson Brian Gregg
Travis Poole Marcy Howerter Trent Habiger
Angela Reisetter Mustafa Ozer Brian Kinnan
 Chad Reinertson Alex Phelps Jesse Krusemark
 Ben Stanerson Spencer Utley Pawan Sharma
Cliff Youngberg Jon Zora