Course Topics

MGT 240 Principles of Management
Historical and contemporary approaches to managing people and organizations. Includes assessing, developing, practicing, and applying management competencies, knowledge, and skills.

MGT 352 Human Resource Management
Principles involved in managing human resources to promote harmony and coordination within an organization. Consideration of such areas as employee recruitment, placement, development, performance evaluation, and compensation.

MGT 363 Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
A seminar in the concepts and fundamentals of negotiating and resolving conflicts. Students will investigate the necessary skills to be successful negotiators. Alternative dispute resolutions systems will be studied as a means of resolving interpersonal and intergroup conflicts. Emphasis will be on the basic management fundamentals necessary for effective conflict resolution using problems frequently encountered by individuals in their personal and professional encounters.

MGT 367 Organizational Behavior
Organizational reality viewed through the structural, human resource, political, and symbolic frames. Emphasis is placed on multi-frame diagnosis and action. Decision-making, leadership, conflict, and other traditional management topics are examined using alternative perspectives. The course also emphasizes the science and practice of influence.