Parent Newsletter: Senior Spotlight

Greta Schmitt '17
Greta Schmitt '17

Senior Spotlight: Greta Schmitt

Why did you choose Luther? I chose to come to Luther because it felt right. It is hard to fully explain the feeling, but when this question is asked to other students they say the same thing. The community around campus really makes Luther my home away from home. I’ve made some incredible friends since coming to Luther!

Was it what you expected? Why or why not? I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came to Luther. I decided to come to know Luther relatively late into my senior year of high school, so when I came to campus I didn’t know too much about what to expect. I think coming into this experience with little to no expectation allowed me to really take in all Luther had to offer. Everything I learned and did was new and I was just happy and excited to be here!

What did you struggle most with and how did you overcome that struggle? I struggled the most with picking what I wanted to major in after I had decided not to study education, which had been my plan since I was eight. I had studied German since eighth grade and really enjoyed my class that I took my first fall, but I wasn’t sure what I’d ever do with just a degree in German. Unexpectedly at this time, my Psychology 130 professor and I met about that class, and I was expressing to him about how much I liked the class and was interested in the subject. He told me that if I chose to pursue a psychology degree that he could be my advisor, and just like that I decided to do both!

What has been your favorite part of Luther (or college in general)? My favorite thing about Luther has been the number of unexpected things I’ve gained and enjoyed from this experience. I’ve gained incredible friends who I will have with me for the rest of my life. I’ve really enjoyed the caliber of music we are able to create in choir. I’ve gained an appreciation for many different academic disciplines and been able to be a flexible student.

What will you miss most about Luther? I will miss everything about Luther! There is really no place like Luther or Decorah. I’m sure I will miss all of my friends, my choir, my professors, and the beautiful town of Decorah!

What do you most look forward to after graduation? After graduation I plan to move to my hometown and begin to look at graduate schools and programs for clinical psychology. It will be really fun to be able to figure out and decide which program is the best for me and what I would like to do in the future. I plan to attend grad school the fall of 2018, and I am excited to see where my Luther knowledge is able to take me as a graduate student and hopefully a clinical psychologist!