Sophomore Letter

Fall 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians of Luther Sophomores,

Can you believe our students are sophomores already? Last year was certainly a year for growth and new challenges for our daughter. We are grateful for the wonderful experiences she is having at Luther!

Being a part of the Luther Parent Council has been one way for us to stay connected to the school and learn about important initiatives happening on campus. At our September meeting, we heard from a variety of folks. It was great to see Lisa Scott, Vice President for Institutional Equity and Inclusion and Student Success, again. She showed us how the Office of Equity and Inclusion has been restructured in order to help students more effectively. And it was especially interesting to hear from Meg Hammes, Director of Counseling Service at Luther, about the new “stepped care model” her office is embracing. The model offers a wide range of assistance from helping students immediately in the moment of crisis, to offering help through ongoing on-line support.

Our favorite moment of the meeting was definitely the chance to meet the new President, Dr. Jenifer K. Ward. What a down-to-earth leader we have in this new president! To hear her story of being “called” to Luther College was inspiring. We have started following her on Instagram which has only endeared her to us more!

We live in Central Illinois and are almost six hours away from Luther. We have enjoyed making Decorah a second home -- not only for our daughter but also for us! For our visits, we have enjoyed trying out different Decorah hotels and have had great success with the Airbnbs/Vrbos in town. In the warmer months, we have had great fun in planning our visits around a Friday night pizza night at Luna Valley Farm. Having the goats come to greet us as we walk in is such a treat! The pizza is amazing!

We always make a point to stop at the Oneota Coop for some quick treats for us and groceries for our daughter. Another favorite is the Decorah Hatchery. We have shopped there so often that we are on a first-name basis with them! Our daughter keeps talking about how delicious the lemon meringue ice cream is at the Sugar Bowl. Although that limited flavor didn’t last long enough for us to try it, we had no problems finding a different flavor to enjoy! Our most recent visit to Decorah gave us a chance to check out the brand new location for Impact Coffee -- which has now become a great place for our daughter to study. Decorah tourism has a great site that keeps us updated --

We invite you to reach out with questions or concerns. We are happy to try to answer (or help to find answers to) any questions you may have about the Luther College experience. We also encourage you to join the “Luther College Parents” and the “Luther College Parents Network” Facebook groups and to follow @LutherCollege on Twitter and Instagram.

All the best,

Dale and Karen Homolka


P.S. Please know, lists for each class letter are generated by the number of credit hours a student has earned, not by senior, junior, etc. status. If you would like to receive a different class letter, please contact Annette Laitinen at 800-225-8664 or [email protected].


Sophomore Class Parents Council Members:

John and Sue Bieno    
Oregon, WI
[email protected] (John)      
[email protected] (Sue)

Alfred and Holli Chan
Marion, IA
[email protected] (Alfred)
[email protected] (holli) 

Dale and Karen Homolka
Jacksonville, IL
[email protected] (Dale)
[email protected] (Karen)

Pat ‘92 and Karen (Titus) Trewin ’92
Decorah, IA    
[email protected] (Karen)
[email protected] (Pat)



Nov. 27- Dec. 1         Thanksgiving vacation
Dec. 5-8                     Christmas at Luther
Dec. 16-19                 Final Exams
Jan. 6-29                   January Term
Feb. 5                       
Spring semester begins
March 21–29            
Spring Vacation
April 10–13              Easter Vacation
May 18–21               Final Exams
May 24                     Commencement