Parent Newsletter: Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight: John Westby

Why did you choose Luther? Decorah is a beautiful location with vast natural areas that initially drew me in. Then when I interacted with some of the students here, I realized just how special it was. The community of students at Luther was unlike any of the other schools that I visited.

Was it what you expected? Why or why not? Luther was better than I expected. Joining the cross country and track teams, I was exposed right away to a tight-knit group of runners who all shared a common love. It made the transition to college not only easier but the rest of my time at Luther a thrill. I’ve been exposed to classes and environments that I could not have imagined experiencing when I first applied.

What did you struggle most with and how did you overcome that struggle? My sophomore year I decided to add a biology major to my degree. Due to the late start on the major, I’ve had to take two lab courses per semester for a few semesters during the last three years. Every week felt like a finals week during those stretches. I had to completely revamp how I studied and procrastinated (I had to stop doing that) in order to survive those semesters.

What has been your favorite part of Luther (or college in general)? Getting to explore the greater Decorah area out on runs with my teammates has been my favorite part of Luther. I wouldn’t trade the miles of laughter and conversation for anything.

What will you miss most about Luther? Being surrounded by my best friends at all times and being exposed to new ideas and people daily. I’m going to miss being challenged at every corner and having a support system of people I can always fall back on.

What do you most look forward to after graduation? Luther has prepared me to live in a constantly changing world. The liberal arts create well rounded people with a wide variety of interests who know how to learn. I’m looking forward to using the skills that Luther has taught me in order to excel at the career I find myself in.