Parent Newsletter: Senior Spotlight

Parent Newsletter Senior Interview Questions
Name: Nathanael Maynard
Major(s)/Minor(s): Management
Extracurricular Activities: Soccer/Volunteering
Hometown: Christ Church, Barbados 

Why did you choose Luther? 

I chose Luther for its soccer program and also for its renowned academic reputation. I had several other choices when making my decision, that may have been closer to home so to speak, but Luther’s atmosphere, along with its balance between sports and academics was what set Luther apart. 

Was it what you expected? Why or why not? 

In some ways it was what I was expecting. I had been to school at a Shattuck St. Mary’s, a small boarding school in Minnesota, so I became acclimated to the culture at Luther very quickly. In some ways, college is a lot like a boarding school. Living on campus with your friends, while constantly being away from the place we call home, didn’t change, but Luther became a home for me with the relationships I’ve created over the years. 

What did you struggle most with and how did you overcome that struggle? 

Mostly I struggled being international and away from home. There are parts of being an international student that provide various challenges and struggles at Luther, such as having difficulty finding arrangements for staying over breaks, or travel arrangements when some of us do go home. Again, I was able to overcome these by having a strong support group with my friends. They’re always offering any type of help we may need, and a unique family atmosphere. 

What has been your favorite part of Luther (or college in general)? 

My favorite part of Luther was the friendships and bonds I made while I was here. The sports and academics brought me to many unique people that I know will be lifelong friends and some even brothers. 

What will you miss most about Luther? 

I will miss playing soccer with the team, my other friends I have made, and the overall atmosphere I have come to appreciate at Luther. 

What do you most look forward to after graduation?

I look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. Life is exciting once you make the effort to enjoy it. I am excited for the experiences to come, good or bad, because my philosophy is to work with what life brings.