Message from Corey Landstrom, Vice President and Dean for Student Life

Like many of you, my mind has recently been on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You should have received President Ward's most recent communication to campus regarding our plans for the upcoming spring break and the weeks following. I would encourage you to visit our COVID-19 health advisories webpage for information and updates.

This continues to be a very fluid situation, and I find myself in the midst of three vectors: mine, my wife's, and my daughter's.

My situation is pretty clear. I work at Luther, and you know from communications where we are currently.

 My daughter has been home for spring break from her college in Ohio. In the course of a week, her break has changed substantially. She was scheduled to return to campus March 16th. But now she will remain here for two more weeks while her institution prepares for a week of distance learning. They will reassess the situation with respect to students returning to school as currently planned. For my daughter and us, that means continued uncertainty.

I have come to terms with the fact that my life—our lives—will be filled with uncertainty for many of the coming weeks.

My wife returned home on Friday, as she does each week. She commutes during the week to where she works at another college, spending weekends at home. Her institution has made a different decision with respect to their semester, and she will be working remotely from home for an undetermined period of time. It's great for all of us to be home together and at the same time a hard reality.

Our daughter should have been starting the second half of her spring semester and moving toward finishing her first year in college. My wife should have been back in her office working with students on their plans after college. And me, well, I'd be here in Decorah. My focus, however, would have been wholly different.We are all facing uncertainty. My family. Our Luther community. Our Decorah community. You and your families and communities. We are indeed in unpredictable times. I have been reflecting this past week about the immensity of it all and on the ways, new and old, that we will all move forward..

The future is yet to be written. How will we all write it?