Message from Corey Landstrom, Vice President and Dean for Student Life

February 2017

Happy February! What a change this weekend has brought in regard to temperature; I wore shorts out to dinner on Friday night. While it's nice to for it to be warm, the broader implications of the changing climate are nonetheless concerning.  With the warmer weather, the snow has mostly melted and the increased amount of daylight has provided a strong indication that spring is on the way.

As the spring semester is getting underway, I am reminded of the multiple transitions for which students are preparing. First-year students are continuing the academic progress they made in the fall and readying for their major Paideia research paper. Additionally, they are in the process of identifying where they will live and with whom next year. Seniors are, hopefully, well along in preparing for their next step. Whether they are pursuing a career, graduate school, or volunteer experiences, they can meet with Career Center staff to assist them in their preparations. For sophomores and juniors, it is not too early to visit the Career Center! In fact, it is never too early for any student to begin the important work of discerning their careers and callings. The Four Year Career Guide located on their website ( is a particularly useful tool.

Spring is the time for students to consider where they will live during the next academic year. Our director of residence life, Kris Franzen, offers information and sage advice below.

Each spring the Residence Life office conducts a room draw in which students can self-select rooms and roommates for the next academic year. There are many different housing options available to students at Luther, so we encourage students to research all the choices by attending room draw information sessions and reviewing the room draw book they received through email. Parents are also welcome to read more about the room draw process and review housing options on the Residence Life webpage at Selecting housing is very important to students, so please take a moment to ask your student about his or her plans for campus housing next fall. 

Here are some important points to keep in mind.

Luther College is a residential, liberal arts college. All full-time students are required to live in college-owned housing unless married, of nontraditional age (23 years or older), or commuting from their legal guardians' homes located within 35 miles from campus. Off-campus living is permitted for students only when there is a shortage of rooms in college residence halls. We expect no such shortage this next year. Therefore all students should plan to participate in the room draw process.

Continuing enrollment deposits will need to be paid before students can register for 2017 fall classes or select campus housing. The continuing enrollment deposit is $300 and is due to Financial Services by April 1. Students must be registered for fall 2017 classes to participate in room draw. 

The room draw process is based on the number credit hours a student has completed, with those having the most completed credits having the opportunity to select first. Students are responsible for reviewing their credits with the Registrar's office for accuracy. 

If you have any housing questions, please contact the Luther Residence Life office at [email protected] or by calling 563-387-1330.