Texts and Issues Lecture Series

A collage of images from a Paideia Texts and Issues lecture by Professor Storm Bailey

The “Paideia Texts and Issues Lecture Series,” sponsored by the Paideia Endowment since 1983, encourages intellectual discussion across disciplinary lines. The Paideia Governing Board selects four to five presentation proposals each year from faculty across the campus to present to the college community on issues or texts that are central to the liberal arts

2017-2018 Texts and Issues Lecture Series: "Be the Change"

October 3, 2017:  "The Paradox of Change: Using Migration to Consider the Disruptive and Constructive Power of Change" (Susan Schmidt, Visiting Assistant Professor of Social Work)

February 27, 2018: "What's to Be Done? Humanizing the Syrian Refugee Crisis" (Ashalul Aden, LC '20 and Pedro dos Santos, Assistant Professor of Political Science)

March 20, 2018: "Turn and Face the Strange: Creative Activity as a Catalyst for Change" (David Kamm, Assistant Professor of Art and Lise Kildegaard, Professor of English)