Texts and Issues Lecture Series

The “Paideia Texts and Issues Lecture Series,” sponsored by the Paideia Endowment since 1983, encourages intellectual discussion across disciplinary lines. The Paideia Governing Board selects four to five presentation proposals each year from faculty across the campus to present to the college community on issues or texts that are central to the liberal arts


2020-2021 Texts and Issues Lecture Series: "Building Community in a Changing Society"

October 13, 2020: "Chamber Music at a Distance: How Musical Collaboration Transcends Traditional Spaces" Kathy Reed with Heather Armstrong (oboe), Daniel Baldwin (conductor), Andrea Beckendorf (double bass), Carol Hester (flute), Zach Mayer ‘21 (double bass), Gregory Peterson (organ), and Andrew Whitfield (baritone). The group demonstrates and discusses creative ways to maintain the heart of musical collaboration when musicians and audience members are unable to be in close proximity.

February 16, 2021: "Amish Genetic Health Needs and an Innovative Community Response" Angela Kueny, Lee Zook, and Philip Iversen. The panelists review their work with Amish families in Iowa and Minnesota,  and place their research in the context of a larger initiative to address inaccessibility challenges in the current healthcare system.

April 13, 2021: "Resilient Communities in a Time of Change" Jon Jensen with Piper Wood ('20), Carina Hansen ('21), and Jonathan Rivera ('21). Jensen, with Luther seniors Wood, Hansen, and Rivera discuss how communities can increase resilience and prepare for social and environmental changes in the twenty-first century.






*All lectures begin at 7:00 p.m. For viewing details, go to luther.edu/events