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The Paideia Endowment Governing Board invites members of the Luther College community to propose presentations on the theme "Be the Change"

This lecture series is an opportunity to enact the spirit of reformation in response to contemporary challenges.  Free to pursue lives of civic engagement and service to others, the question that remains is, "What's to be done?" As always, we hope participants will address the theme from the perspective of a wide variety of texts drawn from the arts, sciences, and humanities:

  • How can we confront the feeling that there's nothing that can be done?
  • How does change happen? What are the barriers and mechanisms for change?
  • What facilitates public participation and advocacy in matters of reform?
  • When does a potential "tipping point" moment animate change?
  • How can we build collective responsibility or consensus for what's to be done?
  • In what ways are we all activists? How can committed individuals be the change?

Proposals for lectures, debates, artistic performances, panel discussions, faculty/student collaboration and other presentation formats are welcomed.  Participants will typically offer a 40-45 minute presentation followed by questions and responses from the audience.

Deadline for submissions:  May 12, 2017

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