In Paideia, students and faculty read, think, discuss, and write about the questions and choices that matter.

Enduring History

Developed in 1977, Paideia is a signature Luther program. Its endurance testifies to the intellectual transformation afforded to thousands of Luther students. This foundation grounds students for success in education and life.

Paideia includes three interdisciplinary courses: a common two-semester sequence for first-year students (Paideia 111 and 112) and a series of one-semester courses for juniors and seniors (Paideia 450: Ethical Choices). The program also incorporates performances and events, including an annual lecture series; library acquisitions; student writing services; a faculty development program that includes sabbatical grants and summer workshops; and a faculty journal Agora: The Liberal Arts at Luther College.

A Name in the Greek Tradition

"Paideia" (pronounced pie-DAY-uh) is a classical Greek term meaning "education." Paideia was a wide-ranging education that helped students become intellectually well-rounded citizens who could contribute ideas and solve problems in a free society. Paideia was essentially a liberal arts education.